The Following Services are available in addition to the Outlined RRC Programs

¨ Program Audits

Comprehensive review of school programs including fiscal audit, efficiency audits, ADA/ Civil rights compliance reviews, Basic Education Program (BEP) audits and personnel and staffing audits

¨ Individual Compliance Audits

Review of programs, policies and procedures. Drafting and revision of programs and policies. ADA/Section 504 Technical Assistance including staff training and program reviews

¨ Alternative Dispute Resolution

 Utilization of a variety of alternative dispute resolution options each designed to seek resolution of differences and reduce more formal engagement of administrative and civil litigation.

Options include:

-Facilitated meetings

-Negotiated settlements


-Conflict resolution through structured negotiations and  mediated workshops

¨ Subscription to " Educator's Handbook " 

Copies of  the " Educator's Handbook " which includes over 50 program policy documents and technical assistance addressing implementation of special and general education

¨ Subscription to Special Parent Edition of Education News Bulletin

Annual publication provided to each LEA and is designed to be shared with families and parent organizations.

¨ Subscription to RRC Publications

Examples include implementing Section 504, index to RI Regulations, Procedural Safeguards and “ The Educators Handbook ” etc.

¨ Analysis of Federal and State Documents

RRC provides researched analysis on the legal and practical implications of these publications on local school districts, families and education practices.