Sargent Rehabilitation Center

 is proud to announce the completion of the Regional Resource Center (RRC), circa 2013. The Regional Resource Center (RRC) is the latest in a series of program expansions at Sargent Rehabilitation Center whose history of providing quality and innovative programs for individuals with disabilities dates back nearly a century to 1917. The RRC was built to provide education, training, technical assistance and product delivery to a variety of professional disciplines supporting education, medicine and rehabilitation. The facility is equipped with state of the art technology with ample seating capacity to accommodate moderate to large meetings and professional seminars up to 150 participants.

The RRC’s unique mission is to convene knowledge. Contributions from families, education, medical and rehabilitation experts provide the leadership to advance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities of all ages and all abilities. The convening of community members supporting one another forms the basis of the Public Policy Institute existing within the RRC; ready to respond to the changing needs of society. Family focused activities are supported by our Family Institute. Public, non-public, private and charter schools receive direct support from the RRC’s Supporting Schools Project. Ongoing professional development, seminars attracting national speakers and local experts represent the RRC’s commitment to ongoing education realized through our Professional Development Academy. Professionals from education, medicine, rehabilitation and law converge at the RRC to exchange knowledge, share ideas, receive professional development including CEUs and CLEs, to discuss practice and develop policy.

The RRC partners with Colleges, Universities, professional organizations, state and federal agencies and governments, local community groups and families.

The RRC is designed as the first statewide comprehensive program of service delivery systems to the educational and rehabilitation communities in Rhode Island and surrounding areas.

The RRC is designed to serve New England with Rhode Island operating as its home.