Programs and Services

Sargent offers individual and group outpatient therapy for children 3-12 years in occupational, physical and speech therapy. We offer several outcome-oriented group clinics and continue to develop programs as new techniques become available.

Outpatient Services

Kid on a stability ball

Sargent's Action Zone is an innovative, interactive group clinic that helps students (ages 3-12) improve their sensory, motor and social skills. Through occupational and physical therapy, the program focuses on helping students learn new motor skills, and develop motor planning and problem solving skills. The group setting allows students to work on social skills, such as talking with friends, reading body language and working together.

Sargent's Express Zone helps students (ages 3-12) who have communication weaknesses improve their language/communication skills. This clinic helps students develop receptive and expressive language skills through play experiences. Students learn how to initiate and maintain conversations with peers, recall and retell events, and develop appropriate syntax and semantic skills through role play and modeling.

For children struggling with developmental delays, play time is the perfect time to help them work through some of their challenges. Our Playful Partners group is designed to inform, mentor, and coach parents or other significant adults toward being the best play partners for children (ages 18 months-5 years) with developmental delays. This innovative group uses sensory integration techniques to helps parents improve their children’s play skills, which are a great foundation for learning.  Click here to view our newest Playful Partners flyer.

All of our groups are run by licensed occupational, physical and speech-language therapists with the primary goal of helping children achieve success in specific areas of need. For additional, general information, please review our group flyer. To be placed on a mailing list for upcoming groups please call us at 886-6600.