Sargent Rehabilitation Center
Programs and Services

Sargent Center is committed to enhancing therapy with innovative experiences. Our chef-in-residence program is a great example. This monthly program with the Pinelli-Marra Restaurant Group reinforces our occupational therapy lessons for meal planning and preparation, but does so with a twist… clients get to cook alongside a professional chef.

Day Treatment Program

Group on a medical bed

Sargent's Day Treatment Program offers full-day and half-day programs for adults and adolescents who require comprehensive care. So often patients continue to need intensive, hospital-level treatment but their medical condition no longer necessitates an inpatient stay. Sargent is the only place they can receive the level of care they need to continue to improve. For those with less severe rehabilitation needs, Sargent offers outpatient services in individual speech, occupational and physical therapy to address clients' residual issues.