Spotlight on Sargent Staff

We are proud to highlight the achievements of our staff.  With a commitment of best practices in medical rehabilitation and special education, our staff strives for excellence in providing care to children, adults and families.  On a regular basis, we will share our staff’s expertise in this special corner, called Spotlight on Staff. 


Spotlight on… Gregory Sargeant, MS, BCBA, Behavior Analyst

Gregory Sargeant is Sargent Center’s Behavior Analyst. Greg has 14 years experience in the fields of education and behavior management. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and began working at Sargent Center in 2008 after working several years with an organization that provided behavior management instruction to students in the Worcester Public Schools. Greg received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts and his Master of Science Degree in Behavioral Education from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.

At Sargent Center, Greg develops and manages behavior protocols for students in the Center’s Pediatric Day School. Greg helps children who are having difficulties with academic or social behavior by designing interventions which teach new skills and reduce problem behaviors. Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis, Greg’s ultimate goal is to help students interact better with peers and become successful in the school environment.

Working closely with the Center’s interdisciplinary team of specialists, Greg helps quantify students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals so that they can be measured against IEP standards. Greg has specialty trained in crisis prevention through the Crisis Prevention Institute and shares his knowledge and expertise by training Sargent staff in implementing strategies which will impact positive behavior in students. He implements a best practices approach using the least restrictive means to manage and prevent problem behaviors in students. In addition, Greg provides in-home consultation to families to transfer skills from school to the home environment, maintaining a consistent behavior plan.

Greg finds satisfaction in his job by seeing students succeed in areas where families thought it might not be possible. He enjoys opening up new possibilities in social and community skills for children and is happy to help families have a sense of peace when their children turn negative behaviors into positive behaviors and begin making gains.

Sargent Center is pleased to highlight the work and expertise of Gregory Sargeant.